Orchid Tips
Here are some tips that we and others find to be helpful.

Repotting a Phalaenopsis Basics
Learn how to repot a Phalaenopsis orchid.
Alcohol as a Bugkiller
Using isopropyl alcohol for insects.
Low Cost Misting System
The use of spritzer bottles as a mister.
Making Wire Stakes in 5 Steps
Recycle wire clothes hangers into plant stakes.
Staking a Cattleya Flower
The basics of quickly staking up a drooping Cattleya blossom using wire.
Pest Control

A "greener" approach to pest control without using strong chemicals.

Virus Controls
Dendrobium anosmum AKA Honohono Orchids

A great month to month culture sheet for the growing of Den. anosmum or honohono orchid.  While geared to the Hawaii growers, the sheet is applicable to all orchid growers who grow this stunning species.