Here are some of our favorite links. Some are for viewing, some are educational, some are for shopping. All are sites we admire and use.

Phoenix Orchids
The website of Eric and Mary Goo. They create some of the finest novelty red and yellow Phalaenopsis. The best of these are offered as stem propagations, a very reliable way to increase your collection. Also featured are a number of fine articles on Phalaenopsis that Eric has presented.
The Orchid Mall
THE ideal place to start if you're interested in Orchids. This site offers invaluable services for the orchidist. We surf this site often.
American Orchid Society

A link to the world's largest and most prestigious Orchid organization.

Phalaenopsis Species and Primary Hybrids
Alain Brochart's fine webpage of Phalaenopsis species and primary hybrids. Both French and English versions are available.